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Is It Just Me Or The Products These Days Don’t Last As Long As They Used To?

I remember when I was, I think, 3 or 4 years old and my dad bought a TV home. It was our’ first TV. It’s been about 25 years now and it still… Continue reading

Building A Business And A Brand

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Short Term Strategies.. A Business Self Sabotage..

In today’s world, there is something very important that many businesses worldwide are forgetting, Long Term Strategies. Running for short-term business goals is a good thing, it gives you money quickly, you become… Continue reading

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Brand

A lot of people apply these tips already. Then again, it’s a good topic to talk about. A brand is anything that is popular and appreciated by the masses or simply forced in… Continue reading

Do Businesses Really Suffer Due To Piracy?

I think piracy is a good thing. First it spreads awareness and second, inferior pirated goods gets the buyer wanting the original stuff. According to the Entertainment Industry, piracy is killing them. Entertainment… Continue reading

Why Are Brands Losing Touch With Consumers?

There are various factors: – The human mind gets bored with repetitive patterns and it’s a fact. So if you keep applying tried and tested methods it kinda saturates the consumer’s mind! Even… Continue reading