Is It Just Me Or The Products These Days Don’t Last As Long As They Used To?

I remember when I was, I think, 3 or 4 years old and my dad bought a TV home. It was our’ first TV. It’s been about 25 years now and it still works perfectly fine with some maintenance ‘once’ in a while of course. On the other hand I bought a nice TV and a music system 4 years ago. Needless to say, The TV started to malfunction this year and the music system malfunctioned 2 years ago. To maintain it today, I have to pay 50% the cost of the equipment for repairs. I can’t dump it! The equipment costs a bombshell and I have to get it fixed otherwise, on a personal level, I won’t feel like I reaped full value out of the money I spent. I didn’t mind paying for it at the time because I thought I would get value for my money, since I was paying a huge amount. Now I am in a predicament! Should I dump the equipment and feel I got only 50% value? Or should I pay 50% more to get the original intended 100% value? There is no choice here. It’s 50% loss either ways..

This phenomenon can be observed in most brands today. Their products used to last a life time earlier and now it lasts only a few years at 10 times the cost with repair requirements later on down the line for prolonging its life. At most times, when you buy a product once and pay for it largely, you expect it to last you a while, else you’d go for the cheaper range. Buying a product today comes with an assured benefit, maintenance. It is widely available with almost everything. It’s true that the expensive products are lifestyle uplifting but being ‘uplifted’ requires maintenance and to keep up with the maintenance and extra expenditure, I am forced to work my ass off to earn that kind of money. As a result, I don’t have  much personal time. Sadly, my work life, is turning into my personal life now. You see what brands these days are putting us into?

If only, businesses stop making compromises to stay ahead of the competition and instead focus on getting their product right, it will not only get them more sales, it will make their brand stronger, better the experiences for the customers, increase their loyalty and not do any damage to their personal lives. These factors bring about the hardest effect on the buyer’s mind to buy a product offered by a particular brand. There is no room for unnecessary advertisement and branding cost. The business  is healthier and will last longer than the people. Go through the entire history of business and I am sure you will find these fundamentals common with most everlasting brands. ‘Value’ is what needs to be standardized these days. It’s gone out of proportion due to the battle of competition. Competition is only good in Olympics and Sports, it should be left at the grounds. Don’t bring it into everything, it ruins most things.