Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Brand

A lot of people apply these tips already. Then again, it’s a good topic to talk about.

A brand is anything that is popular and appreciated by the masses or simply forced in your face by heavy advertisements.

A Secure, friendly and helpful image, created by first time advertisements, is not only a good opening in the market but a good way to begin a relationship with the customer.  You do not want to scare or embarrass the buyers. You want to build a relation and the first thing in building a healthy relation involves a subtle approach with a pleasing personality and a warm feeling.

Some ideas to keep in mind:

It largely involves department heads to make the right decisions when building or manufacturing a product. The output has to be of optimum quality and no compromises while building the product. This ensures durability and ‘purchase satisfaction’.

Two very important things that cannot be overlooked:
1 – Involves marketing and sales heads to sell in the least “annoying” way possible. A buyer would like to by a product that has provoked a feeling in him. If that feeling is annoyance, the only thing the buyer takes with him is the knowledge about the product and not you. He will look for other brands that sell the same product. If you are a sole provider, it still affects the choice of the buyer, he may settle with an alternative.

2 – Involves the customer service department heads to make sure good solutions are provided for the customer in distress. This boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, which increases “word of mouth publicity” along with “good will”, which further increase the strength of the brand and it’s sales by a huge amount without spending on advertising the brand. Good customer service always generates a warm feeling in the customer which leads to a stronger bond between a buyer and a seller.

Applying this logic to all businesses, in the long run, we see increase in the number of:

– survival years
– loyal customers
– new customers (due to word of mouth publicity)
– sales (due to overall impact of the strategy on the business)
The expenditure here is in building the product and less on advertising which is how it should be! Nowadays, businesses spend more on advertising than on manufacturing which increases the cost of the product. The product is less real than the targeted image and this decreases customers.

Note: I would be interested in reading your opinion about this topic. 🙂