Why Are Brands Losing Touch With Consumers?

There are various factors:

– The human mind gets bored with repetitive patterns and it’s a fact. So if you keep applying tried and tested methods it kinda saturates the consumer’s mind! Even “out-of-the-box” solutions when executed too often becomes a pattern over time.

– When thinking out of the box, you are walking on a thin rope with cushions on one side and rocks on the other. An out-of-the-box solution tricks the consumer’s mind into paying attention to your message. So during that time if you’ve conveyed a good message about your brand, you are through to him and he will buy what you have to offer but on the other hand if you have conveyed a boring and repetitive message, then you’ll have a tough time selling.

– Since there are so many options available for everything these days, a consumer looks for secure, helpful and friendly “go to” reputation with quality service. Google has all of these, it’s working on its quality by implementing hardcore semantics, so in a couple of years it will be the ideal brand. It has managed to capture EACH and EVERY internet user!! which is insane right?? You don’t see stupid boring corporate hoardings and advertisements of Google anywhere, yet it’s the most preferred brand in the world. People like brands that help them in times of THEIR need and not the other way round.

– Less focus on after sales service often leads to consumer not wanting to go for another product from the brand. Today its become much easier to find reviews from first hand users on various credible sites. Someone somewhere posts a bad review about you which can change the minds of “alert” buyers. If no reviews about you are found then that’s a problem too, it means your product has not touched the emotions of a buyer so he can take the effort to write a good/bad review about you. Mindless advertising concepts play a HUGE role in buyers distancing themselves from the brand.

– A person buys something if a product has touched an emotion of his/hers. Then he/she will look for the best quality and service made available by various brands. Next comes the image and appeal which makes them reach or hide their wallets.

– Sometimes a brand is neglected if too many corners are cut during manufacturing/developing a product. This leads to poor quality. These days the stuff you buy lasts only a couple of years, it means spending more often to buy copies/upgrades. A consumer is not going to keep buying from you every 2 years!! he will buy if he has the cash for it. With economic crashes in boom all over the world, people don’t have enough supply of cash to keep buying so they turn to more reliable brands or stop purchasing. Where are those products that used to last a life time!? I remember a car lasting for 20 years but now it lasts for only 2!! Then begins the vicious process of maintaining the vehicle which doesn’t stop until you buy a new car! A huge chunk of folks don’t have a huge supply of money so if they have a bad experience they lose trust on the brand completely. I know I lost my trust on Ford.

All of the above scenarios joined together constitute a sale scenario that will give/deprive you revenue and consumer loyalty. It’s a complex problem that nobody wants to work on. Instead cheap parts, poor quality to save manufacturing cost and poor customer service packaged by annoying advertisements that tell the consumer its the dream product they have waited for, is the most common path often taken by brands which kinda makes the consumers lose faith in the brand because they feel outright cheated and nobody is doing anything about it.