Do Businesses Really Suffer Due To Piracy?

I think piracy is a good thing. First it spreads awareness and second, inferior pirated goods gets the buyer wanting the original stuff.

According to the Entertainment Industry, piracy is killing them. Entertainment industry should understand that they have enough earnings from TV, Live shows and Merchandising. Your stuff being published on the internet is basically free marketing for you that will create potential viewers for your Live/TV events and Merchandise buyers. This is a whole new phenomenon that has been untapped by many because recommendations, downloads and sharing will increase your good will, market penetration and increase Live/TV events viewership and Merchandise sales. That’s a good way an entertainment brand can place itself in the market today. This will create more followers, fans and likes which are the real aims of entertainment! You can’t capitalize on everything, it’s a bullshit philosophy to begin with. To get customers you need to give them something first, a taste or even a whole meal. It’s the user’s addiction you want. You want to get your user hooked on to your stuff and ask for more. Piracy is good!

Counterfeit goods are often of cheap quality that’s why they are cheap. Letting counterfeit goods existing in the market are the best possible gateways for consumers to buy authentic products. Cheap quality means less durability, poor functioning and bad appeal which makes the consumer buy it more often. This is annoying and the consumer finally goes for the authentic product. Isn’t it free marketing at the counterfeiter’s cost??

What you should be promoting is the bad social image of using counterfeit products. Human beings hate being ridiculed, we don’t take it very well. Make anonymous campaigns that ridicule consumers going for pirated goods. It really works!!

This is for Businesses which are really hampered by piracy:

If there is a demand and the cost of available product is high; Counterfeit is bound to happen to satisfy the demand. Trick is to make it as less costing as possible while maintaining optimum quality and shifting your margins on the number of over all products sold than on each individual unit. This makes less competition because to compete the other person has to be smarter, use better quality. That will not be possible because YOU have been using the best quality and made it available at the best lowest price! There is very little room for competition.

Also, Think about the increase in the number of buyers! You make your profit by lowering your profit margins per product and increasing it on the total number of products. Balance is the same, you only shift a few things in your module and with the right marketing solutions you are good to go! People will be happy to buy your products, you will be selling in huge quantities, so you would be producing on a large scale which leads to you having a flourished business! Competition will only be in marketing, extremely little in bootlegging because bootlegged goods would be of inferior quality! who wants that Right?

Now people buy counterfeit goods because you left them no choice. You’ve priced your goods very high so people are “SETTLING” for counterfeits. You price your goods low, while maintaining the quality and see how many people stop settling with counterfeits. A massive chunk of the opposition will become YOUR audience. They will stop buying counterfeits and start buying YOUR products which increases YOUR number of sales, thus, maintaining YOUR profit margins.